As the world's first VR safety training platform, LABVR offers high-quality off-the-shelf safety training with a subscription model to benefit small, medium, and large companies worldwide. As per global safety norms and industry standards, our platform offers a wide range of safety topics content.

Our content is cross-platform compatible and supports major OEM devices. The list of supported devices can be found in our partner section.

Studies have shown that VR training can be as effective as or even more effective than traditional methods. It offers better retention rates due to its immersive nature and the ability to practice skills in a realistic environment.

VR can be used for a wide range of safety training, including fire safety, industrial machinery operation, emergency response, chemical handling, construction site safety, and more.


VR safety training platforms can be tailored to meet the needs of various industries by creating industry-specific scenarios, hazards, and procedures. Customization options may include incorporating industry-specific equipment and regulations.

Yes, LABVR safety training platforms offer data tracking and analytics. This allows administrators to monitor trainee progress, identify areas needing improvement, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

LABVR safety training content is aligned with industry-specific regulations and standards. (OSHA, European Safety etc.)

The ROI for VR safety training can vary based on factors like the size of the organization, the frequency of training, and the industry. However, it often includes cost savings, improved safety records, and reduced accidents.